AI Project Manager

Obviously AI

Obviously AI

Software Engineering, Operations, Data Science
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Data Science problems are everywhere, but the talent is not. At Obviously AI, our vision is to turn every company into an AI company. We do this through our unique software + human hybrid approach. Our software enables our data scientists to build models automatically in a matter of minutes, while the human data scientist focuses on data prep, accuracy, and business strategy – giving our customers a one-stop shop for data science.

We’re a small, scrappy group of people with a strong bent toward failing fast, bias for action and attention to detail. We’re focused on doing the best work of our lives and believe in having a healthy separation of work and play. We keep working hours flexible and are building a hybrid team with most of us located in San Francisco, USA and Bangalore, India.

Obviously AI is backed by some of the top venture capital firms in the US, and you’ll be on the ground floor of a fast-growing company with a big mission.

About You

As an AI Project Manager at Obviously AI, you will be on the ground floor of an incredible opportunity to apply your project management skills to help customers realize the value of AI for their business. You will be responsible for facilitating AI models with our team of data scientists, managing customer expectations and ensuring overall positive health for our customers so they continue to get the best outcomes possible.

Our ideal candidate for this role is someone who has a genuine interest and understanding of AI and its applications in business, loves talking to customers, can manage technical teams and doesn’t shy away from routine tasks like timelining, project management and responding to customers. You are also someone who has an engineering mindset, can break down complex problems into simple ones and demonstrate second order thinking. You are not afraid to tackle problems that seem impossible and try to solve them anyway.

You'll report directly to the founders, you'll be a key proponent of Obviously AI’s early success and have the equity (aka. "skin in the game") to make it worthwhile.

Here are some other qualities we’re looking for in a perfect hire:

  • You have a genuine interest in AI
  • You have a deep understanding of theoretical AI and can easily explain and talk about concepts like overfitting, class balancing, time series, cross validation, etc.
  • You have the ability to juggle multiple tasks and have a framework to manage them.
  • You can work under tight deadlines and pressure without getting overwhelmed.
  • You understand and empathize with customer business goals and requests by reading between the lines but are also not afraid to push back or ask more on customers asks when they seem unclear.
  • You have a strong critical thinking, reasoning and solutioning skills.
  • You can work collaboratively - updating all stakeholders and customers regularly and checking in with the team when necessary.
  • You can think out of the box and try new things that have never been done before.
  • You are a clear and creative thinker with excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • You can creatively articulate complicated concepts in layman terms.
  • You are empathetic towards customers and their needs.
  • You possess the personality to easily connect and become familiar with new people.
  • You work collaboratively but autonomously: asking for what you need, but not expecting micromanagement.
  • You like processes and want to help build it, but you're also OK with the "organized chaos" of a small team.


  • Conduct customer onboardings, build clear expectations, setup timelines and regular check-in cadences to ensure that customers’ goals are met.
  • Ensure customers get a live functioning AI model as soon as possible by coordinating their expectations with the data science team.
  • Work cross functionally, checking in with the data science teams ensuring all roadblocks are cleared, give suggestions on AI approaches and update timelines and customers accordingly.
  • Proactively follow up with customers to ensure there are no surprises, understand their sentiment and maintain an overall positive customer health.
  • Offer technical assistance to customers by explaining complex Machine Learning concepts in a simple manner.
  • Be able to discuss data strategy, change and manage a plan of action with customers to ensure that business objectives are in mind and being met.
  • Help customers with questions or concerns regarding Obviously AI’s software, troubleshooting any issues that may arise or often explaining to them a plan of action that technical data scientists may find hard to communicate.